Sessions with Crystal Runes


I have been attracted to Runes for quite a long time in my life.
Since primeval times Runes have formed part of our cultural legacy.
It is still unknown where and when they first appeared.
Runes are used for the transmission of messages from the spiritual world and they help to achieve clarity in life.
The Crystal Runes have an additional quality since they are coming from another dimension. They have been given to my teacher to be brought into the world. The Crystal Runes form a part of the Crystal Age that we live in, a time of fast and constant change.

Sessions with the Runes are subtle and profound, enabling us to immerse ourselves deep into a place beyond time and space while still staying conscious.
Everyone receives vibrations from the Runes, depending on what their body and energy fields need at present. The body cells are softly stimulated to swing back to their original vibration and this creates an impulse in the healing process.
Often I receive messages about the person during the healing sessions, these may be in the form of visions as well as in words.

A session takes around 45 minutes.

This is not a substitute for a medical practitioner.

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Remote Healing with the Crystal Runes*

A while ago I received a phone call from a friend in Australia.
She was quite excited and asked for support. What had happened?

Over a couple of years, a fatty cyst had developed in her right breast.
It continued to grow, and had just opened by itself.

Months ago my friend had finally decided to have the harmless, but growing cyst removed. Still, she was hesitant to make an appointment for the surgery. She received support and encouragement from the spiritual world. Clairvoyant all her life, she knew that for the healing it was absolutely important to decipher the underlying cause of the symptom and what it represented.

She went through many ups and downs. The cyst was constantly changing growth, form and shape. The cyst became her conversational partner and alternately friend and foe.
‘What does the cyst represent, where does it come from, and why isn’t it disappearing naturally?’ Question after question were forming in her mind.
During my stay in Bali in November 2012 we shared several sessions. At the beginning of a session I tuned in into my friend and asked my higher self how to proceed. At one time I chose the triangle of healing, some other times, opted for the drum.

During the sessions, fragmented pictures from her traumatic childhood popped up on her inner eye like on a screen. She was only 8 months old when the family was put in several prison camps. The little girl was separated from her mother, the father taken into a camp for men.
Miraculously the family survived the camps, at least physically.
My friend has no conscious memories of that time. What stayed with her are the feelings – the feelings of a huge threat, of rejection and deep feelings of abandonment. She had suffered these feelings all her life.
In a session I saw the little girl in her best white dress, unhurt, and in vain, trying to grab her mother’s hand.
After the sessions my friend said: “I felt as if I energetically went back into my past as a little girl. My injury derives from that time, the cyst is an expression of what is not yet healed in my life. Now is the time to give it a place and to make peace with my story.”
In a Darshan (talk with the soul) I got the message that the operation could be seen as the “finishing coat”. Having energetically worked on the cause of the manifestation, the symptom was no longer needed. It could be removed and the circle of healing be completed.
And now my friend was on the telephone, seeking support through the crystal runes. She asked me to invite her family members mentally for a holistic healing process.

We made an appointment for a remote session with the crystal runes, during which time my friend would sit down for meditation.

Again I asked my spiritual guidance for support. This was given to me, and I laid out a photo of my friend in front of me, and placed the crystal runes into the ‘triangle of healing’ around the photo. Then I invited the single family members to be part of this session, including the parents that had passed away. They appeared with their energy, before my eyes, and formed a protective circle around a little girl, and were dancing ‘ring-a-ring-a-roses’. The scene was immersed into white light.
After a while Archangel Michael appeared with the blue light. A message was given: “The time has come to forgive.” This was to happen through this session.
After 15 minutes I thanked all participants and said good-bye to them.
Later as we talked on the telephone, my friend felt relieved and at peace with all persons involved.
The operation took place and proved successful. My friend has told me she feels as if a heavy burden has been lifted.

Sonja Elfers
*(Arcturuszeit 08 2013, Publikationen der Arcturus Masteracademy)

The Crystal Runes and Shamanic Work in Bali*

It is hot and humid, the rainy season is about to arrive and Bali is showing its tropical face to the visitor. The island is noisy yet colourful and charming.
A dizzying mixture from exhaust fumes and incense are taking my breath away. My destination is the North of Bali, a small village, called, Tejakula, literally translated it means: ‘People of light’.
It is not the first time that I take on this strenuous journey with yoga books, a shamanic drum and crystal runes in my luggage.
Since a couple of years I regularly travel to a spiritual resort in North Bali to give workshops to teach yoga and do shamanic work.
The place was started by a German lady through a ‘vision’, it is a wonderful place for spiritual work and a meeting place for like-minded people and groups from all over the world.
The crystal runes came into my life in 2010 through Otto Reil.
Since that time they are my constant companions wherever I go.
In the resort I hang out my flyer to announce shamanic and crystal rune sessions. After a couple of days the first guests are booking themselves in for sessions.
Some have a subject they want to look at or they have a physical problem. Others just want to relax or are curious.
Michel is at a loss: “I have the feeling that I am catapulted out of my old life. It is feeling ‘too tight’ for me but I do not know how to alter it. Last year I attended a workshop where I learnt to see the aura field of people. It was easy for me to see the different shapes and colours of people. Spiritual issues are attracting me more and more and singing in a professional choir is the most important hobby in my life.

At first I connect to my inner guidance/higher self: “How can I support Michel best?” I sit next to him with all my senses wide open. Nearly immediately I get instructions what to do: “Put him into a spirit boat and play the drum for him to bring his vibration into the outer world.”
Michel is stretched out on his back within a triangle of stone runes I placed around him. I begin drumming and then the drum seems to take over, guiding me to drum slow then faster, then softly and then loud again. Instantly I remember why it is called a spirit boat, I have the feeling to be in the midst of a stormy ocean on an open but calm sea. I keep drumming and just follow the impulses I get.
Only for a very brief moment I feel pity for the gardeners that are gathered outside on the lawn to study English with their teacher.
After 15 minutes the drumming is over and I replace the stone runes with the crystal runes. Again, I put the runes in a triangle called ‘the triangle of healing’. Sitting next to Michel I become the transmitter for the crystal runes. After 20 minutes of silence I ask Michel to ‘come back’ into the here and now. It takes him a while to do so.
“I felt as if I wasn’t here anymore, I was very far away in a place where I had never been before. At the same time I was here and in tune, it was very harmonious and something “clicked back into place”.
At the end of the session I give him the message I received for him: “Your singing will become more important in your life. You are a clear conduit. The vibrations of the music will clear your connection to your higher self even more. This is going to help in your process of reorientation.”
Diligently I choose the words because it is my task to deliver the information comprehensible and without my personal interpretation.

A ‘slogan’ comes up in English, an information that can only be understood by Michel and I pass it on word for word. Many messages I receive do not have a meaning for me. The person receiving the information nearly always understands the meaning of it.
Bali is one of the magic places on earth where you can easily access realms of the unseen world. According to Otto, the island of Bali is one of the places in the world with a high vibration of energy.
I can easily tune in to this energy and offer sessions without any strain.
In the course of the next weeks I give more than 20 sessions. Every session is different: I drum, work with the stone runes, my hands and the crystal runes.
After 5 weeks it is time to leave and I say to myself: “This has been my last time to Bali, it is far too hot, too strenuous and too far away from Italy, my home.”
But the moment these thoughts turn up I already know: “I will come back, to this charming and magic place and I will be doing what I am supposed to do.”
Sonja Elfers

*(Arcturuszeit 06 2013, Publikationen der Arcturus Masteracademy)