Energetic Work

In every session we focus on peoples’ issues or requests.
Their questions might relate to physical or mental issues or blockages. We establish contact with our client’s soul awareness to look at possible reasons for any imbalances. Every person receives what is needed to suit their individual needs.

The technique to connect to a person’s soul is called ‘Darshan’ or ‘Seeing through time and space’. On the soul level many topics are already obvious, but we are often not able to access this knowledge.
It is our task to restore the missing energetic connection between the soul level, body, and mind.

We offer the following healing methods:

  • ‘Darshan’ or ‘Seeing through time and space’
  • Laying on of hands to energize the body
  • Chakra reading to detect blockages
  • Drumming and rattling
  • Smudging to purify the energy fields of a person (as well as room cleansing)
  • Shamanic journeying, i.e. finding the power animal and connecting to it
  • Dowsing of the OD energy (life force) to solve blockages
  • Affirmations in connection with Darshan to set an impulse (vibration) in the energy fields

Healing takes place within us, with the above healing methods assisting us to balance and restore.
Your body knows how to heal itself; sometimes it just needs a little ‘kick-start’ to balance the energy.

A session takes around 45 minutes and will be performed by Sonja or Marten.

Remote treatments are available on request.

This is not a substitute for a medical practitioner.