Workshop Sacred Geometry

13rd-18th September 2020

Why is it called ‘sacred’ geometry? Because it is the cornerstone of all life in the universe. Without the sacred geometry we would not exist.
Everywhere on our planet we can find these sacred geometric patterns.
No matter which culture, country or time period, they are always mentioned.
Sometimes in the hidden, sometimes in the open. Also our energy system consists of geometric structures, perhaps better described as ‘energetic imprints’. In the past, our imprints were activated and we were more awake and alive. As time passed, we lost the knowledge of the imprints and in part do not use them anymore.
Now the time has come to reactivate the “forgotten” imprints within our energy field. Every day during the workshop we will take a little step awakening and activating them. Because of the strong energy impact, relaxation will be an important part of the workshop so the body can rest and integrate the energetic work.
The workshop will be like a long journey and we will work with beautiful crystals in the shape of the sacred universal patterns. For everyone the experience will be unique.

The workshop language will be German, or English/Dutch on request.

Marten Brinkhuis, Energie Arbeit und Heilige Geometrie
Marten Brinkhuis, Energie Arbeit und Heilige Geometrie

The Facilitator:

Marten Brinkhuis, Hathta Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Aerial Yoga

Marten Brinkhuis

Registration by 1st August 2020 should be sent to: