Introduction into the Shamanic Work

21st – 26th June 2020

During this week we will learn and try out some fundamental techniques of shamanic work. The workshop will give everyone a personal and unique experience, allowing you to develop your own intuitive approach to shamanic work.

The foundation of the course is to embody and embrace an awareness for ‘all that is’ and work with the power of nature and the elements. We act respectfully when working with the elements and learn how they can support us.

The group work consolidates the energy and helps to establish an easy access to insights we normally do not reach as easily in our daily life.

Surrounded by very old olive groves, pastures and oak forests, the Umbrian gentle, sloping hills offer a beautiful place for shamanic work.
If possible the sessions will take place in nature. When it rains we work inside in our studio.

The workshop language will be German, or English on request.

Wir werden einige grundlegende Techniken schamanischer Arbeit kennenlernen und ausprobieren.

The Facilitator:

Das schamanische Arbeit

Sonja Elfers

Registration by 1st June 2020 should be sent to: