Workshop Living and Dying from a Yogic Point of View

19th-24th July 2020

“To know how to live we must know how to die.” Yogi Bhajan

During this week we will approach these subjects from a yogic point of view.
From a yogic perspective, life is a conscious preparation for death.
Death is seen as a transition and not as the end of everything.
In the Western civilization the topic is often a taboo and ridden by fears.

We can decide on losing the fears when we start, during life, to prepare for death.
Therefore, we work on the various aspects of the death process.
In the literature we find many descriptions from persons going through a near-death or death experience.
Suitable exercises will add to the theoretical frame and will support in losing fears.

The Programme

  • Why am I here
  • What do I expect after the physical death
  • How can I prepare myself
  • Yoga sets, meditations and mantras

The workshop language will be German, or English on request.

The Facilitator:

Centro di Luce wo wir Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, schamanische Seminare und Heilige Geometrie unterrichten.

Sonja Elfers

Registration by 1st July 2020 should be sent to: